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What Business Owners Should Look For In An Online Marketing Consultant

Until recent times you had to choose between a tech guy and an effective communicator as they were rarely one and the same. However, finding an online marketing consultant with both skills nowadays is not nearly as rare, largely because of digital tools that allows more marketers to be effective on-line without the hard core programming background.

Today's objective for business owners however, is finding an online marketing consultant that has a level of commercial nous that allows them to comprehend the necessary requirements to delivering marketing ROI.

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7 Signs You Should Get A Marketing Coach

I'm a big fan of professional profiling and insights assessments. I did my first one in 2006 and another about 18 months ago. The result of my most recent assessment is a 62 page, independent insights report that tells me, warts and all, my strengths, weaknesses, behaviours, motivators, self-perceptions, external perceptions and much more. I read this report regularly and challenge my choices based on these elements. 

If you are going to be effective in business, then you need to get to know yourself and then continually evaluate where you need to delegate responsibilities, outsource work or find software solutions to help you be more effective.

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How Service Businesses Can Find More Ideal Fit Clients

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Want Help Building Your Buyer Persona? - Join our Marketing Accelerator >

Do you know who your customers are? No, really - if I asked you to tell me the varying challenges, needs and objectives of your customer base and how you segment your customers based on this level of insight, could you do it?

It's easy to fall into the trap of segmentation based purely on demographic data, customer types and geography. However, using this data alone means you lose sight of the individual at the other end - the actual person you should be communicating with.

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