Are You Ready to Build a Scalable Marketing System in the Next 9 Weeks?


Your Marketing Game Plan

If you are not getting enough high-quality leads, not attracting enough good-fit clients, or not retaining enough of the business you already have, then you need a system which gives you clarity on what do do, and structure to make it possible.

That's what our Marketing Game Plan sessions are for. So, if your business:

  • Sells services, not just physical products
  • Targets clients who spend over $1,000 a year on your services
  • Wants to build its internal marketing capabilities and not outsource it all
  • Are ready to take action to improve your marketing results

Then, book your Marketing Game Plan below so we can brainstorm a plan together.


Book a Time For our Marketing Game Plan session

Choose a time that best suits you and any other marketing decision maker in your business.


What to Expect

This session is all about giving you a clear understanding of the barriers that hold you back from achieving your goals and what you need to do to overcome them.

It's a short, sharp session designed to give you clarity about your next steps. But why would we do the session for free?

Well, we know that there is a percentage of people who will be interested in working with us to implement the plan we map out together. If that’s not you, no problem at all. You’ll walk away with a real plan to do this on your own. But the only way to get the plan is to book in for a session.

Head Marketing Coach - James Rendell

James Rendell - Head Coach - Co-pilot Marketing

James helps internal marketing teams in service-based businesses build profitable and scalable marketing plans without outsourcing it all to an agency.

He has worked with billion-dollar multinationals, regional family businesses, start-ups and everything in-between. In each case, his ability to empower marketing teams to apply proven marketing tactics has seen him as a leader in his field.


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