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Where On The Marketing Gauge Are You?

Marketing Gauge By Co-pilot Marketing

Whether you are positioned for growth or decline, is defined by your marketing performance and how engaged your people are. The Marketing Gauge™ is a mechanism to identify how you're tracking in these areas.

When you apply the right principles and follow a methodology that is suited to your business, your performance steadily improves, and your people become more engaged. Their skills get better, your performance improves further, and you continue to attract and retain the best industry talent. This all creates a positive feedback loop like a snowball rolling down a mountain.

A lack of structure, systems and solid foundations acts like a snowball rolling down the other side of the mountain, compounding its impacts as your business continues to decline. 

If you would like to assess where on the Marketing Gauge™ your business is, watch our training here.


Our Marketing Coaching Will Give You The Clarity & Structure You Need

We believe that every business can be its own best marketing resource for generating growth. You don't have to do every function of your marketing in-house, but you need to be in control, which requires clarity and structure.

We support the companies on that journey by providing the tools, direction and support for developing and resourcing profitable marketing plans.


Are You Operating Without a Marketing Compass?

Marketing Compass Model - By Co-pilot Marketing

When you don't know what you don't know, you get caught making mistake after mistake, wasting your time and money in hope next time will be different, but it never is. 

For the same reason you wouldn't fly a plane without a navigation system, you shouldn't operate your business without a mechanism to determine if your marketing has gone off track.

The Marketing Compass Model™ we have developed draws on proven industry best practices and strong academic theory. It breaks down the 9 marketing foundations to help you gain clarity, build structure and drive sustainable growth in your business.

These 3 vital components are the outcome you receive when you follow a sequential system; a system of 9 interrelated elements that complete this Marketing Compass Model™.

We give an overview of each of these 9 elements in an on-demand workshop. To see if your business is the right fit for the training program, click here.

Attend Our Online Workshop - "The Winning Marketing Plan"

If you're not getting enough high-quality leads, not attracting enough good-fit clients, or not retaining enough of the business you already have, then you don't have the right systems in place. If you want to build an internal marketing capability within your business, then you need the right foundations.

Complete our online workshop to walk away with action items to get you started on building a winning marketing plan.

Hear What People Who've Worked With James Have To Say...

For the last 5 years, James from
Co-pilot Marketing has been Epicor's Inbound Marketing strategist and our go-to content marketing expert. James' marketing skills and knowledge have given Epicor the ability to translate buyer needs and requirements coupled with rapid market transformation.

James' ability to support and enable our internal marketing teams has been extremely valuable. He has been of big value to us at Epicor.

Hana Mujadzic
Marketing Director APAC
Epicor Software


James was instrumental in developing and executing a series of programs and initiatives that enabled our printer channel (under the Lanier brand) to achieve an 82% increase in printer revenue and a 92% increase in unit sales over a 12 month period.

James is a highly effective marketer and a great communicator. His insight and experience had a significant impact on the success of our sales channel.

Matthew Smith
Channel Sales Manager - Printer & ICT


As a business, we have benefited immensely from James' strategic knowledge. He's the only marketing consultant we've ever engaged in our 17 years in business. We looked at others, but they were not the right fit.

James helped us to put processes and structure in place that provided clarity. If you are looking to engage James as a Marketing Coach, don’t wait! We made the right decision two years ago, which benefits our operations every day.

Dr. Melissa Arkinstall
Managing Director
Exercise Research Australia


It was clear after my first conversation with James that he understood any growing businesses marketing needs and challenges. James has many effective tactics and has assisted me with numerous creative campaigns, resulting in lead generation and increased activity on our website and social channels.

I would highly recommend James to anyone who would like to implement a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Emmy Burrell
National Marketing Manager, ANZ
IFS World


Marketing Compass Accelerator