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"The Winning Marketing Plan"

Avoid Marketing Guesswork:
Gain clarity. Build structure. Drive growth.

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What The Marketing Training Will Cover


If you are not getting enough high-quality leads, not attracting enough good-fit clients, or not retaining enough of the business you already have, then you don't have the right systems and plans in place. If you want to improve your results, then you need the right foundations.

This 1-hour on-line training is specifically developed to provide service-based businesses with an overview of the 9 foundations needed for marketing success.
We'll do a pulse check of your current marketing against these 9 elements and identify how well you're positioned for growth.

Through the use of the provided training workbook, you will walk away with actions items to get you started on building a winning marketing plan.

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Who This Workshop Is For

This training is specifically designed for....

1. Businesses that want to build their internal marketing capabilities

2. Businesses that need to improve the quality of their lead generation

3. Businesses ready to build a marketing plan for the year ahead

4. Businesses willing to put in the effort to improve their marketing results

Who This Workshop Is Not For

This training is not designed for....

1. Businesses that only sell physical products and do not provide services

2. Businesses that only service clients in their immediate local area

3. Businesses whose target clients spend under $1,000 a year on their services

4. Businesses that want to outsource all their marketing

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We Will Assess Where You Sit On The Marketing Gauge

Have you disengaged from your marketing which resulted in poor performance and a team that has all but checked-out? Or does the sophistication of your marketing systems give you the ability to model predictable performance accurately and retain a team of positive, creative and dedicated marketers who are passionate about the business? Or are you somewhere in-between?

Whether your business is positioned for growth or decline, is defined by your marketing performance and how engaged your people are.

That's what the Marketing Gauge™ shows us.

Learn how you can go from where you are to where you want to be.

Marketing Gauge By Co-pilot Marketing

We Will Also Explore Your Marketing Compass

Too often, businesses jump head-first into marketing tactics which aren't right for their business. Maybe, it's because someone sold them on an advertising campaign or a piece of software which was going to give them "instant marketing success". Maybe, it's because they've never been taught the right foundations.

When you don't know what you don't know, you get caught making mistake after mistake, wasting your budget in hope next time will be different, but it never is.

The Marketing Compass Model™, which we run through in the workshop, breaks down the 9 foundations to help you gain clarity, build structure and drive growth.

Learn our 9 foundations for winning marketing plans

Marketing Compass Model By Co-pilot Marketing

Join James For This Online Marketing Workshop

James Rendell - Head Coach - Co-pilot Marketing

James Rendell is the Head Coach at Co-pilot Marketing. For 15 years, James has been helping internal marketing teams improve their marketing effectiveness without having to outsource it all to an agency. He has worked with billion-dollar multinationals, regional family businesses, start-ups and everything in-between. His practical application of proven methodologies and ability to empower internal marketing teams is what has built James' strong reputation in this field.

In addition to his coaching and consulting, James lectures in Marketing, bringing real-world experiences and academic concepts to university students. Throughout 2019, 2020 and 2021 James was selected by industry-leading marketing software company, HubSpot as their first-ever HubSpot Master Trainer to provide specialised inbound marketing training to businesses throughout Australia.