Free Online Workshop:
"The Winning Marketing Plan"

Learn how to improve your marketing performance in the next 60 days with a system that:

  • Attracts more high-quality leads
  • Generates demand from ideal-fit clients
  • Showcases your company's superpowers


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What You Will Learn On This Free Marketing Training

The 9 Foundations Needed For Profitable Marketing

and how your business is performing in each of these key areas

The 3 Stages in Your Prospects Buying Process 

and how to optimise your marketing so they end their process with you

The Content Marketing
'Solar System'

so that you generate the planets and moons that attract leads to you like gravity

Who This Workshop Is For

This training is specifically designed for....

1. Businesses that need to improve the quality of their lead generation

2. Businesses whose target clients spend over $1,000 a year on their services

3. Businesses that sell products or services which require a considered buying decision

4. Businesses ready to build a system for profitable and scalable marketing

Through the use of the provided training workbook, you will walk away with actions items to get you started on building a winning marketing plan.

About Your Online Marketing Workshop Facilitator

James Rendell - Head Coach - Co-pilot Marketing

James Rendell is the Head Coach at Co-pilot Marketing. He helps internal marketing teams in service-based businesses build profitable and scalable marketing plans.

He has worked with billion-dollar multinationals, regional family businesses, start-ups and everything in-between. In each case, his ability to empower marketing teams to apply proven marketing tactics has seen him as a leader in his field.


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Learn the system for improving your marketing performance in the next 60 days.

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