We’ll Help You Build a Tailored Marketing System That Attracts High-Value Clients Like Clockwork.

In 2023, it will be harder than ever to stand out.

More and more businesses compete for your target client's attention

Ad platforms become more and more competitive and expensive

Marketing agencies charge more and more for diminishing results

Old SEO tactics don't drive enough good quality traffic to your website

“Over 60% of businesses said their customer acquisition costs have increased in the last three years”

(Hubspot, 2020)

If you’re looking to grow, traditional “spray and pray” marketing is DEAD

Today, as the online space becomes more and more saturated with competition… you need to be smart about your marketing.

Soon, it will no longer be profitable to run a few Google ads to your website, create a few social media posts a month, and send an email newsletter every once in a blue moon.

In fact, for most businesses, marketing like that already costs more money than it produces.

Smart marketing today is about creating a SYSTEM — specifically, an ecosystem — that does NOT appeal to everybody…

But appeals only to the people most likely to become your clients.

At the same time, it’s about leveraging automated technology to tailor their experience… 

Build trust and likability with your company… 

And position your services as the only logical solution to their needs.

Sounds like a complicated undertaking, right?

Correct — IF you’re doing it from scratch without a framework.

That’s why we created:

The Marketing Compass.®


The Marketing Compass is a framework and program that shows you how to create a tailored marketing system that makes your company stand out, and fills your pipeline with high-value clients every week.

It’s designed to remove all the noise and guesswork around your marketing.

In fact, the Marketing Compass makes it so simple…

You could hire a uni student on an affordable part-time salary…

And they could use it to outperform a senior marketing manager getting paid six figures.

See, when you don't know what you don't know, it's easy to get caught spending weeks and months (and thousands of dollars) on marketing efforts that frankly were never going to work. 

For the same reason you wouldn't fly a plane without a navigation system, you shouldn't operate your business without a mechanism to determine if your marketing has gone off track.

The Marketing Compass uses proven industry best practices and strong academic theory and distils it into a simple, 9-step framework that helps you gain clarity, build structure and drive sustainable growth in your business.

These 3 vital components are the outcome you receive when you follow a sequential system; a system of 9 interrelated elements that complete the Marketing Compass.

How the Marketing Compass Program Works
The Marketing Compass is broken down into 3 pillars each with 3 modules


Pillar One: AIM

Module #1 - Setting Your Targets and Budgets:

Before you figure out how to get somewhere, you have to know where you’re going. So before we do anything, we first set our targets and budgets.

Targets like how many leads, how many new clients, how much retained revenue, how much new revenue, and all the other sales and marketing targets you have for the business.

Which then relates to your budgets – the financial resources available for getting there. We help you set these important foundations, so you are clear on what you need to achieve.

Module #2 - Aligning Your Sales and Marketing:
Sales and marketing should not be in competition with each other. When they are, it’s like driving with your foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time.

So here, we’ll help you unpack how to get these two functions of your business running in parallel as one unified force in pursuit of your targets.

We’ll help you install systems, frameworks and tactics to make this a reality by creating fluid business functions.

Module #3 - Build Your Buyer Persona:
Trying to appeal to everyone only leads to dull marketing that does nothing but waste your time and budget.

So this is where we help you get clear on who your ideal customers are — and who they aren’t.

We help you do this in a way that allows you to find and connect with them, while avoiding your negative personas; those unqualified, time-wasting prospects.




Pillar Two: CREATE

Module #4 - Building a Buying Process Map:

It’s not enough just to know who your buyer persona is.

For your marketing efforts to translate into sales, you need to understand how your buyer persona makes buying decisions.

What are the thoughts, questions, actions, and behaviours which define how your target customers make buying decisions for the services you provide?

We will help you map this out so you can build your entire marketing plan around it. This is how you position your company as the only logical solution to your market’s problems.

Module #5 - Defining and Living Your Value Proposition:
Now that you deeply understand how your persona makes buying decisions, we need to ensure your value proposition effectively communicates how you help them solve their problems, better. 

Here, we’ll help you unpack your core competencies, your value proposition, and key positioning statements so everything from the services you provide, to your communications, and your processes are aligned to your buyer’s needs and wants…

Making your offerings an “easy yes” to your buyer persona.

Module #6 - Developing Your Content Strategy:
Here, we help you take everything from the five previous modules into consideration to develop a content marketing strategy that brings high-value clients to you…

While at the same time positioning you as the thought leader in your industry — and the only logical solution to their problems — to make your sales process as frictionless as possible leading to more “easy yeses”




Pillar Three: EXECUTE

Module #7 -Generating High Quality Leads:

Now you have your content marketing plan in place, we need to start driving traffic through it to generate leads.

Here, we outline the best “bang for your buck” strategies to increase your website traffic with as little time, money, and energy as possible.

Then, we show you the easiest ways to convert that website traffic into leads…

And finally how to use automated technology to nurture those leads and turn them into qualified, sales-ready, easy yes clients.

Module #8 - Retaining Your Ideal Clients:
Acquiring new clients is one of the hardest and most expensive things to do in business.

So, now that you've invested in winning new business, we need strategies to maximise the lifetime value of every client relationship. Although most companies feel they are strong in this area, once we unpack what's going on, we find that they are leaving big money on the table.

This module will provide tools and insights to help you increase client retention and thus increase customer lifetime value, ultimately driving profits.

Module #9 - Resourcing & Implementing Your Plan:
By now, you have clarity on what to do in your marketing and the structure to make it repeatable and increasingly profitable.

So, let's nail the resourcing and implementation. Let's ensure you know what, and more importantly, who you need.

Let's equip you with the right team (internally and externally), each who are crystal clear on their performance requirements and the exact role they are to play.

By getting this right, you stay in your zone of genius and only bring in expert role players that complement the marketing functions you will continue to do yourself.

This gives you the foundations for truly profitable growth through marketing.


Don’t take it from us, let the results do the talking…

Melissa's Story

Co-pilot Marketing helped us increase our revenue streams by over 50%. If you are looking to engage them, don’t wait!


Bill's Story

Co-pilot Marketing helped us grow using practical, methodical and sustainable marketing. 5 years on, we still get leads each week.



But the Marketing Compass is NOT for everyone…

The strategies and tactics revealed inside the Marketing Compass Accelerator Program are designed to attract high-value clients, who typically make considered buying decisions.

This means:

The Marketing Compass Program is NOT for you if:

Your company sells commoditized products that typically don’t require a lot of consideration

Your clients are more like customers, meaning they have no real relationship with your business

The lifetime value of your clients is measured in hundreds of dollars rather than 4, 5 or 6 figures

You're not able to invest an average of 3 hours a week to improve your marketing performance

The Marketing Compass Program IS for you if:

Your company sells a high-value service or a high-value product where service is part of your offering

Your products and services require considered buying decisions

You want to attract long-term client relationships and repeat purchases

Scaling your marketing performance is a top priority for your company

Ready to see what your business is truly capable of?

The Marketing Compass has transformed how businesses approach their marketing — leading to lower costs, better results, and sustainable year-on-year growth.

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