Supporting Your Network

If your company works with small and medium-sized, service-based businesses, we want to help you, help them.

Marketing Support For Your Clients 

As a specialist, your business focusses on delivering your core competence to your clients. You don't profess to be all things to all people, which is why when you recognise they need help in areas outside your expertise you connect them with specialists who hold the same standards and values as you do.

When your client's need is in the area of marketing, you can either connect them with a company that can do the marketing for them, or a company that can help them to do it themselves. If your clients want to build an internal knowledge-base and skillset to drive their marketing, that's where we come in.

We can provide them with specialist marketing coaching and training programs which help them to grow their business, without crossing over into your area of expertise.

How We Would Work With Your Business



Live Marketing Workshops

We deliver live online marketing workshops which are invitation-only events for your clients. There is no cost for your clients to attend. 

Financial Benefits For You & Your Clients

Clients of our affiliate partners who join our paid coaching and training programs can access exclusive discounts, and partners can access referral bonuses.

Formal Relationship

You will be set up in our system as an official affiliate and will have your own affiliate partner page which is where your clients can access training and resources.

Who We Partner With

Professional Services Firms

  • Accounting/Financial Services
  • HR/Management Consultants
  • Legal Services/Compliance

SaaS Companies

  • CRM, CMS & Marketing
  • Accounting/Legal
  • Analytics/Automation

Creative & Digital Agencies

  • Branding/Design
  • Digital Developers
  • Video Production/Animation

There is no cost to become an affiliate partner. However, acceptance into our program is by invitation only.

It is important to us and other affiliates that our network is one of integrity, mutuality and excellence. 

Let's Chat

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, complete your details here, and we will contact you to discuss the program further.

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