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What Business Owners Should Look For In An Online Marketing Consultant

Until recent times you had to choose between a tech guy and an effective communicator as they were rarely one and the same. However, finding an online marketing consultant with both skills nowadays is not nearly as rare, largely because of digital tools that allows more marketers to be effective on-line without the hard core programming background.

Today's objective for business owners however, is finding an online marketing consultant that has a level of commercial nous that allows them to comprehend the necessary requirements to delivering marketing ROI.

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How My 4 y/o Son Reminded Me About The Importance Of Smart SEO Choices

Watching the social interaction of kids is one of the most fascinating things about being a parent. Their cheeky characters start much younger than you expect and most interestingly, they learn how to 'play the game' young too.

I was watching my son play with one of his friends on the weekend and there was a power struggle over the most uninteresting, beat up toy truck you could imagine. There could have been ice cream, new bikes and puppies juggling kittens and it still would not have taken their attention away from this old truck.

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The 6 Traits Of An Effective Lead Generation Company

Marketing isn't what it was 10 years ago. Buyer behaviour has changed and buying email databases, sending direct mail campaigns and telemarketing just doesn't work the way it used to.

Today, an effective lead generation company is one that positions your company right where your prospects are and develops content that has people want to connect with your business.

Think of your own experience, you are much more likely to engage with marketing content that helps you, marketing that helps answer questions, not marketing which interrupts you.

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