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How To Improve Your Sales And Marketing Performance

When revenue is down the fingers start pointing. Sales and marketing teams are each quick to absolve themselves of responsibility and while this can be toxic, the reality is that you need to establish where things are falling over.

Whenever I get asked how to improve a company's sales and marketing performance, I always look to the data that can give me the indicators for success, not just the top level stuff. While this may sound obvious, quite often people get caught up in the larger metrics and miss the true indicators of performance which are the small things that collectively have big impacts.

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7 Signs You Should Get A Marketing Coach

I'm a big fan of professional profiling and insights assessments. I did my first one in 2006 and another about 18 months ago. The result of my most recent assessment is a 62 page, independent insights report that tells me, warts and all, my strengths, weaknesses, behaviours, motivators, self-perceptions, external perceptions and much more. I read this report regularly and challenge my choices based on these elements. 

If you are going to be effective in business, then you need to get to know yourself and then continually evaluate where you need to delegate responsibilities, outsource work or find software solutions to help you be more effective.

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Is Inbound Marketing A Fit For Your Shortlisted Marketing Solutions?

In recent years Inbound Marketing has really taken off as a prominent marketing method amongst progressive companies worldwide. With Hubspot setting up it's Australian office in the back half of 2014, it's quite clear that as far as marketing solutions go, Inbound Marketing is well and truly here to stay.

However, it's important to note that Inbound is not for everyone, not because it shouldn't be used by anyone, but rather that it doesn't suit some products, services, industries and business sizes as well as others.

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How To Get Plugged Into The Right Marketing Solutions

Being a marketer today is hard. The landscape of marketing solutions is saturated, with more mediums than ever before, and more pressure on you to perform.

So, how does the modern marketer know where to put their marketing budget to get the best return? The answer lies in understanding these 4 key elements. 

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Why It's Time To Change Our Approach To Integrated Marketing Solutions

It seems to me that the term integrated marketing solutions gets bandied around a bit too loosely nowadays. Anything with a bit of tv, radio and print is considered an integrated campaign.

In the purest sense, integrated marketing is when we create and deliver value through utilising multiple means, focussed on achieving an objective. So, with the plethora of brilliant tools at a marketers disposal, why is there still an unnecessarily large bias to these traditional methods?

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The 5 Marketing Solutions That Will Transform Businesses in 2016

As always, the marketplace is full of of predictions surrounding the marketing solutions that will dominate this year, so I wanted to look at some of the problems, needs and objectives facing businesses this year and what marketing solutions can help solve them. 

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