Can't Find Marketing Staff? The Solution May Be Right In Front Of You

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The job market for finding good marketing staff is the toughest I've ever seen it.

For almost 12 months, businesses have continually been getting lower volume and lower-quality applicants, and I don't see this improving anytime soon.

So, what do you do?

You can't just pump up your salary by 20 - 30% (which is what I'm seeing some businesses do, and they're still having trouble).

And you can't just wait another 6 months to see if the job market settles down.

Well, the solution may be right in front of you...

What about Kate?

Kate is more of an idea than a real person. Think of Kate as the employee you already have that is positive, diligent, enthusiastic and teachable. They already know your business, industry, and intricacies that would be invaluable in a marketing role.

So, what if we exchanged the 'business' learning curve for a 'marketing' learning curve, and provided an opportunity for a team member in a separate area of the business to now lead your marketing?

Now, they're not going to become a marketing expert in 3 months. But, trust me, there are plenty of marketers with 5+ years of experience who wouldn't be the self-sufficient marketer you may be expecting.

Even if we weren't in an economic climate where the vast majority of marketers are being retained, I still think that
a 'Kate' who is given the right guidance and resources can outperform a tenured marketing coordinator.

So, I'd encourage you to explore this idea...

What if you banked on a proven quantity, gave them the challenge they're hungry for, and had them onboard their replacement into their previous role?

You enhance your culture, create a team with diverse skills, and inadvertently avoid losing Kate if she has hit a growth ceiling in her current role.

This was the very discussion I had with someone recently.

We changed their focus from "finding a marketer" to "making a marketer", and I'm about as excited about it as I have been about a strategy for a long time.

I recorded a quick video after our chat, which you can watch above.

I hope you enjoy it!

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