Learn The 9 Foundations Needed For Profitable Marketing


Last week, I ran a session for a group of 7-figure service-based business owners to help them set the foundations for a profitable marketing plan.

We ran it as a FB live for their closed group. You can see the recording above as we pick up after the first 10 minutes of introductions and opening discussion. I've added the marketing strategy resources we shared with the community as links for you below.

It's pretty common for businesses to reach a level of growth and find that they are no longer getting any traction with their marketing. Despite some efforts to use an agency or do it themselves, they lack a structured marketing plan that is a good fit for their services and market.

That was the objective for this session; to run through our Marketing Compass Model™, which breaks down the 9 crucial marketing foundations to help service-based businesses build methodical and results-focussed marketing plans.

I hope you find it helpful.


Marketing Resources

Throughout this session, I made a number of different resources available to the group, which I have added as links below

Marketing Game Plan Session
Get a clear understanding of the barriers that hold you back from achieving your goals and what you need to do to overcome them - book your session here.

Choosing Your Ideal-fit Client Profile
Our Persona Picker 4 P's™ is a logic check you can use to make sure your business pursues the right audience. Watch the explainer video and read the article here.

Defining & Living Your Value Proposition
Once you've decided that you want to work with this ideal-client profile, why should they choose you out of all the companies in the world? Learn how to develop a great answer.

The Winning Marketing Plan
Learn the Marketing Compass Model in greater detail and walk away with action items to get you started building a winning marketing plan. Complete the free training here.


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