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Why It's Time To Change Our Approach To Integrated Marketing Solutions

It seems to me that the term integrated marketing solutions gets bandied around a bit too loosely nowadays. Anything with a bit of tv, radio and print is considered an integrated campaign.

In the purest sense, integrated marketing is when we create and deliver value through utilising multiple means, focussed on achieving an objective. So, with the plethora of brilliant tools at a marketers disposal, why is there still an unnecessarily large bias to these traditional methods?

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The 6 Traits Of An Effective Lead Generation Company

Marketing isn't what it was 10 years ago. Buyer behaviour has changed and buying email databases, sending direct mail campaigns and telemarketing just doesn't work the way it used to.

Today, an effective lead generation company is one that positions your company right where your prospects are and develops content that has people want to connect with your business.

Think of your own experience, you are much more likely to engage with marketing content that helps you, marketing that helps answer questions, not marketing which interrupts you.

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How Service Businesses Can Find More Ideal Fit Clients

Fishing Swimming Pool

Want Help Building Your Buyer Persona? - Join our Marketing Accelerator >

Do you know who your customers are? No, really - if I asked you to tell me the varying challenges, needs and objectives of your customer base and how you segment your customers based on this level of insight, could you do it?

It's easy to fall into the trap of segmentation based purely on demographic data, customer types and geography. However, using this data alone means you lose sight of the individual at the other end - the actual person you should be communicating with.

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The 5 Marketing Solutions That Will Transform Businesses in 2016

As always, the marketplace is full of of predictions surrounding the marketing solutions that will dominate this year, so I wanted to look at some of the problems, needs and objectives facing businesses this year and what marketing solutions can help solve them. 

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