The SEO Practices Your Online Marketing Consultant Should Forget About

The SEO Practices Your Online Marketing Consultant Should Forget About

In speaking to a lot of companies about the performance of their websites, it surprises me how many still have substantially under-performing SEO foundations in place.

With good money poured down the drain with outdated SEO practices, there are companies all over the country going to an online marketing consultant for the website equivalent of a lung transplant and leaving with a nice haircut.

So, with the year drawing to a close and planning for 2016 high on the agenda, now is the time to assess what's working and what's not.

Links vs. Content

Manic keyword stuffing and arduous link building shouldn't be your focus. If you are to take one thing away from this post, it's that the name of the game is quality content. Sure, link building is still an important part of ranking well, but it's about the quality of your links. However, if you are generating quality content, you are inviting people to share it and that my friend, will pay dividends.

Rank Well & Watch The Money Roll In

Simply being in the top few organic listings for a search term is a trap that can blindside you to what's truly important - converting. The inbound marketing methodology should be your focus. Engage strangers with great content and nurture them into customers who become raving fans of your business.

You would actually be better served by being towards the top of page 2 on google search results and having an effective lead nurturing strategy in place, than driving a ton of traffic with little to no conversion.

Understanding Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are commonly used as the text snippets you see on Google's search engine results page whereby these HTML attributes are used to explain a site page's content.

There's no point stuffing keywords into your meta descriptions to try and improve your search ranking, as it simply won't work. Your focus should be to provide a meaningful overview of what the searcher is looking for. By placing primary keywords in an appropriate and meaningful way you will have these appear in bold as a result of a matching result and this is what will help drive click through.

Don't Try And Outsmart Google

Google can't read our minds (yet), but their algorithms are enormously sophisticated, so if you think that hiding keywords on your page in white text is a clever way to boost your performance, then you are in for a rude shock.

Google's focus isn't to try and match they keywords a user is searching for with the site that uses the same keyword the most. Google is trying to match a searchers intent with the sites that are likely to be of genuine help. They aren't out to help those trying to cheat the system. 

The best advice I can give is to use common sense. If you think you are being clever, chances are that your not and Google may punish you.





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