Are You Ready To Build a Structured Marketing System For Generating Ideal-Fit Clients?


Your Marketing Game Plan

If you're not getting enough high-quality leads, not attracting enough good-fit clients, or not retaining enough of the business you already have, then you need a set of frameworks that show you what to do, and how to do it.

That's what our Marketing Game Plan sessions are for.

Step 1 - We’ll look at your service offering, your target market and your available resources to see what results are possible in the next 60 days and then 12 months.

Step 2 - We’ll look at your current marketing performance, your sales and marketing goals and your current strategy to see what’s working and what’s not.

Step 3 - We’ll identify the number 1 thing that’s holding you back from getting the profitable marketing results you want.

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Who The Marketing Game Plan Is For

This session is specifically for marketing decision-makers in businesses that:

  • Sell products and services that can be uniquely differentiated in the market
  • Target clients who spend over $10,000 with your business during the lifetime
  • Are ready to take action now to improve their marketing

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Head Marketing Coach - James Rendell

James Rendell - Head Coach - Co-pilot Marketing

James helps internal marketing teams in service-based businesses build profitable and scalable marketing plans without outsourcing it all to an agency.

He has worked with billion-dollar multinationals, regional family businesses, start-ups and everything in-between. In each case, his ability to empower marketing teams to apply proven marketing tactics has seen him as a leader in his field.


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