Your Brand Messaging

Despite good intentions, many businesses create marketing material which is unnecessarily complicated, unsuitable for the medium, or simply doesn't resonate with the individual at the other end.

What We Do

  • Review Your Marketing Communications (Video, Audio, Print & Digital)
  • Review Any Existing Style Guides
  • Review Your Corporate Identity (Logo & Brand Messaging)
  • Identify areas of improvements in the above areas
  • Provide advice on the appropriateness of the selected mediums for your target audience

The Key Numbers

Without proper analysis of your marketing effectiveness it is difficult to determine how much to spend on marketing. 

What We Do

  • Calculate Your:
    • Cost Of Client Acquisition
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Time To Recover The Cost Of Acquiring A New Customer
    • ......and more
  • Identify what each lead is worth to your business
  • Provide Insights Into Setting The Right Budget & Targets For Your Upcoming Revenue Goals

Website/Online Effectiveness

The modern buyers journey starts online with Google and and social media. So, if your website and on-line marketing is under performing then you are being left behind.

What We Do

  • Run a grading report to identify areas of website deficiency
  • Plot your website performance against 3 of your competitors
  • Assess your social media effectiveness
  • Identify any broken links on your website 
  • Provide suggestions on areas of improvement for website lead attraction and conversion

What You Get

After reviewing and analysing all the elements as detailed above, we will compile a concise, easy to intepret report which will give you the information to help make more informed decisions on your upcoming marketing. This will include specific calculations, suggested improvements and detailed insights.

We also allocate 1 hour in a post review follow up for you to ask any questions and to get further advice.

We use a series of proprietary tools, industry leading software applications and good old fashioned marketing nous to bring together a review report that will add value to your business. 


Transform Your Marketing Success With Your Personalised Marketing Review For Only

$977 + GST


Why Is The Review Only $977?

We know that many of the buisnesses that receive their review look to us to assist in other areas of their buisness, so we can afford to discount our services on the basis it helps generate future work.

Who Will Be Doing The Review?

Your review will be completed by a senior marketing professional with a minimum 10 years experience across multiple marketing disciplines and a minimum undergraduate marketing degree. 

How Long Will The Review Take?

As every report is unique and is carefully and professionally created, we take our time to ensure we provide an insightful and valuable report. We aim to deliver every report within 1 week of booking finalisation.

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