Marketing Compass Accelerator Program

Our marketing compass accelerator program provides the coaching, training, resources and support for building profitable marketing plans.

If you want to improve your marketing performance in the next 60 days, then this is for you.

Build The Foundations For Predictable & Profitable Marketing 


The program is for businesses who need to....

  Improve the quality of the leads they attract
✔  Increase the revenue they get from their clients
  Create content that highlights their company's unique value
  Set effective marketing systems and processes
  Build the capabilities and knowledge of their marketing team

You'll get access to expert marketing...

  Training on what to do and how to do it
✔  Worksheets, tools and templates
  Regular live coaching and Q&A sessions

The program is designed to give you what you need to develop a winning marketing plan in 9 weeks, but we'll work with you for 6 months so that once you've built your plan, you'll get supported on your implementation and optimisation journey.

Do You Meet Our Marketing Accelerator Program Fit Criteria?

First and foremost you must have a desire to build your internal marketing capabilities. Even if you don't perform all marketing functions internally (you may in fact use outsource partners for a large component of your operations) you recognise the need to be in control and have the knowledge and systems to manage performance.

All program members are to be positive, enthusiastic and committed to improving their marketing performance.

Then beyond that, we assess the likelihood a program member will get value from the program against these 4 criteria.

#1. Service-based company

This program is better suited to service-based businesses. Practically, this means you don’t solely sell commodity products that have little differentiation from other products in the market.


#2. Considered buying decisions

Your clients make considered buying decisions for your products & services. Businesses with services which are an impulse purchase won’t get the same value from our tactics and strategies.

#3. Long-term relationships

Your business growth will be driven by repeat purchases and client retention. You want to attract businesses that spend over $10k with your company during their lifetime as a client.

#4. B2B vs B2C Members

The accelerator contains some models, concepts, and templates that have a greater application in a B2B setting. B2C members can still get great value if they meet the other 3 criteria.

See What's Possible For Your Business

We're committed to ensuring everyone in the Marketing Compass Accelerator program will get immense value and enhance the community. For this reason, access is by invitation only.

Your first step is to book a Marketing Game Plan call, so you get a clear understanding of the barriers that hold you back from achieving your marketing goals, what you need to do to overcome them, and what's really possible for you in the next 60 days and then in the next 12 months.

If we both agree that the Marketing Compass Accelerator is the right solution, then we will happily welcome you to join us.


Marketing Compass Accelerator Program Overview

Marketing Accelerator Program Overview

Download your copy to learn more about what the program entails.