Integrated Marketing Solutions That Work


Determining The Integrated Marketing Solutions That Best Fit Your Business.

Before proposing an integrated campaign, we make sure we truly understand your value proposition, target market & business objectives. From here, we can identify the solutions that are likely to provide you with a positive Marketing ROI. 

In the purest sense, integrated marketing is when value is created and delivered utilising multiple means, focused on achieving an objective. However, for many businesses, they are sold integrated solutions on the basis of a bit of TV, radio and print, being run at the same time. We both know that just doesn't cut it anymore!


Integrated Marketing Solutions By Name & By Nature

If we are going to be truly integrated in our focus, then, as marketers, we should expect our platforms and resources to be properly connected.

That's what our solutions provide (and they work too!)


James was instrumental in developing and executing a series of programs and initiatives that enabled our printer channel (under the Lanier brand) to achieve an 82% increase in printer revenue and a 92% increase in unit sales over a 12 month period.

James is a highly effective marketer and a great communicator. His insight and experience had a significant impact on the success of our sales channel.

Matthew Smith
Channel Sales Manager - Printer & ICT

Today's buyer's are well informed. Their buyers journey starts with Google and is influenced by social media. This is why modern marketing is about understanding your customers needs, challenges and objectives and then developing content that helps them.

This approach is called Inbound Marketing.


Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your integrated marketing goals.