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James was instrumental in developing and executing a series of programs and initiatives that enabled our printer channel (under the Lanier brand) to achieve an 82% increase in printer revenue and a 92% increase in unit sales over a 12 month period.

James is a highly effective marketer and a great communicator. His insight and experience had a significant impact on the success of our sales channel.

Matthew Smith
Channel Sales Manager - Printer & ICT


marketing solutions - the foundations

Marketing success starts with having the right business fundamentals.

We ensure we have a solid grasp of your business to focus on the marketing solutions that are right for your business.

If we determine these need developing or re-developing, we hold workshops for the business owners and relevant stakeholders to get to the essence of the business to then build out these fundamentals.

Inbound Marketing


 Co-pilot Marketing are a Hubspot Partner. We deliver inbound marketing programs that attract relevant leads to your website and nurture them towards being sales ready.


Marketing Coach


For small & medium sized businesses who need a committed, expert marketing advisor to help you improve your marketing ROI. There are coaching packages for all requirements.  

Marketing Review

To effectively connect with your target market, everything needs to work to your advantage. We audit your marketing to uncover key elements that impact your success.  
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Co-pilot Marketing have been amazing in helping us launch our new brand. Everything from a full day business building workshop, to over the phone marketing support, their knowledge and commitment to genuinely helping my business has been invaluable. 

Leon Mortimer
Managing Director


Marketing Solutions - Marketing Plan

Marketing Consultant Game Plan

The role of a marketing consultant is to be a fluid extension to your business, adding value at all times.

We take a responsible approach to determining the strategy that is most likely to generate results and then work long for your best interests. 


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